Details of Haiku Presence at SCaLE 5x

News posted on Fri, 2007-02-09 08:55

We finally have the specific details regarding the activities planned by the Haiku Project at the SCaLE 5x Conference. It's going to be two days filled with action, including an exhibit booth with a projector demonstrating Haiku, and two Birds of a Feather (BOF) presentations.

SCaLE 5x floor plan; Haiku is at booth #42.SCaLE 5x floor plan; Haiku is at booth #42.

Haiku Exhibit

We will be at booth #42. We are planning on having a projector running Haiku on a backwall screen, and a couple of hands-on PCs so that visitors can actually play with Haiku. Project leader Michael Phipps along with Haiku developers Axel Dörfler and Bruno G. Albuquerque will be available on-site. Feel free to stop by to find out about the project or to discuss technical details of Haiku. We look forward to seeing everyone!

BoF Presentations

February 10 (Sat), 8:00PM

  • Title: Introducing Haiku
  • Description: This is an introduction to Haiku, an open source operating system designed from the ground up for the desktop, inspired by the concepts and technologies of BeOS. The presentation will cover the concepts and features that make Haiku unique, as well as a hands-on demo.
  • Presenter: Michael Phipps
  • Place: Midway conference room

February 11 (Sun), 7:00PM

  • Title: Haiku Technology Insight
  • Description: This presentation covers some of the technologies that make Haiku a unique operating system, including the OpenBFS database-like file system, the original HVIF icon file format, and Haiku's unique implementation of devfs.
  • Presenters: Axel Dörfler and Bruno G. Albuquerque
  • Place: Kennedy conference room

Conference Overview

  • The Fifth Annual Southern California Linux Expo — SCaLE 5x 2007
  • Date: February 10 & 11, 2007
  • Location: The Westin Los Angeles Airport (map)
  • Registration: on-site