It's Official: Eight Students to Code for Haiku at GSoC 2007

News posted on Thu, 2007-04-12 02:10

Google has given their final word, and we are now pleased to announce that Haiku has been assigned 8 student slots for the Google Summer of Code 2007, which is one more than we had initially hoped for. Here is a list of the accepted applications, also as a way of introduction of the eight students that were selected from a total of 42 applications.

Update: Added usernames and linked to user's page.

Network stack revamp: IPv6, ICMP, multicast, etc.

Create a thread scheduler with CPU affinity

USB isochronous streams

FireWire stack for Haiku

Network Preferences Application

Package (.pkg) installer for Haiku

Implement ICMP error handling and propagation

Implement a precache algorithm along with aging policy for the file system caches

In the next weeks the students will have time to get in touch with the community and prepare their work. On May 28th, the official coding period starts.

Please, give a warm welcome to all the accepted students, as well as a big thank you to both the Haiku mentors who have committed their time to the success of Haiku's debut in the Google Summer of Code and, needless to say, to Google itself for making this happen in the first place.