Haiku Inc.: Contractors (yes more!), Donation Analysis, and Google Checkout

News posted on Tue, 2010-04-06 22:22

Ingo has been accepted for a contract: 160 hours for $2,000 USD total. His tasks will focus on these areas

  • Bug fixing & improving the kernel and related systems
  • Testing and improving POSIX compliance
  • R1 Alpha 2 release coordination

The Alpha 2 release coordination depends on whether or not a concrete decision is made. If the release does not occur during his time purchased, someone may need to step up once the contract is completed. The planned activities for release coordination would include maintaining the alpha branch, keeping track of release-blocking bugs, and organizing release related votes.

Below is a brief analysis of our PayPal donations over the past six months. During that time, about $1,100 USD has been donated strictly through recurring donations. On top of that, about $2,000 USD was donated as one-time donations, with over half of that being raised in February alone! As you can see, there was a noticeable increase that coincides with our first announcement of hiring contractors. If you aren't a Haiku donor, please consider it; subscribing for even $5 or €5 a month can make a well appreciated improvement to Haiku Inc.'s abilities to continue accepting contractors.

Month Number of Recurring Donations Amount in Recurring Donations Number of One Time Donations Amount in One Time Donations Monthly Total
2009-Oct 11 $142.29 3 $57.44 $199.73
2009-Nov 15 $189.78 4 $106.43 $296.21
2009-Dec 13 $151.38 5 $148.27 $299.65
2010-Jan 13 $151.38 3 $55.36 $206.74
2010-Feb 20 $221.94 29 $1117.95 $1339.89
2010-Mar 21 $236.01 12 $553.95 $789.96
Totals - $1092.78 56 $2039.4 $3132.18

While PayPal is our primary method for accepting donations, we understand that not everyone prefers to use it. To help accommodate this desire, we are setting up Google Checkout as an additional means for accepting donations. The most striking feature is its ability to process credit cards. At this moment only one-time donations are being offered. Google Checkout's subscription functionality is supported only as a Beta API; it requires some more involved testing and preparation on our part before being deployed. Hopefully later in the month it will be supported on our website. As mentioned on Donating to Haiku Inc., we also accept physical checks.