Haiku, Inc. accepts a second development contract in 2011!

News posted on Sun, 2011-06-12 16:44

These paid-contracts allow developers to dedicate large blocks of time, which normally would not be available for Haiku development. These contracts are not for purchasing an hour here, three hours there, nor for working on something that would not help reaching R1. The contracts put Haiku on the fast track to R1.

In his proposal, Ingo mentions "I believe package management is still the number one roadblock for R1". Here are some bullet points from his proposal:

  • Adjust the build system and tools to build and install the Haiku core system as a package.
  • Work on tools to build Haiku packages in a clean chroot environment.
  • Adjust build "recipes" for HaikuPorts packages as needed and build the packages. A tool to check the package against packaging guidelines might need to be implemented.
  • Extend packagefs to provide information about active packages to the tools that need it (e.g. the package solver).
  • Implement the package solver (as Oliver proposed based on libsatsolver).

And now for some related financial information. As you can see on Haiku, Inc.'s website, more than $5,000 USD has been donated this year. The financial balance is around $12,750 USD. Even after the successful completion of this contract, Haiku, Inc.'s funds are capable of supporting additional development contracts.

If you are interested in a contract for any work that relates to getting Haiku R1 completed, contact Haiku, Inc.. Lastly and most importantly, thank-you to all of Haiku's financial supporters!