Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

News posted on Mon, 2011-06-20 00:00
Haiku R1 Alpha 3 CD

The Haiku Project is excited to announce the availability of our third official alpha release. A year and a month have passed since the Alpha 2 and the Haiku Project has been busy. The main purpose of this release is to provide interested third party developers with a stable version for testing and development. To aid with that, Haiku includes a rich set of development tools.

The release features many improvements across the board, including:

  • Hardware - much improved hardware support, including printers via Gutenprint
  • Filesystems - added btrfs, ext4 and exFAT
  • Localization - more translations and better support of e.g. Chinese
  • Layout API - improved layout classes
  • Applications - functionality and user interface improvements
  • Window management - stacking and tiling of windows, keyboard shortcuts
  • Media - improved format support and media player
  • Bug fixes - over 950 bugs have been closed as fixed since R1 Alpha 2

For more about R1 Alpha 3, visit www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku/release-notes

Haiku R1 Alpha 3 availability

About Haiku

The Haiku Project is a volunteer based initiative and was started on August 18th, 2001. The goal of the project is to develop and promote the adoption of Haiku, an open source, general purpose operating system. Haiku aims at personal computing, letting you do what you want with ease! Haiku adopts design concepts from the BeOS® and takes it to the next level by infusing those concepts with recent advances.

We would like to thank all donors enabling development contracts funded through Haiku, Inc. and Haikuware's Bounty program, the HSA for organizing the BeGeistert conferences, and Google's Summer of Code program.

Give Haiku a whirl today, see what you think and discover what you have been missing!

Report bugs on Haiku's bug tracker, dev.haiku-os.org

Download the press release: (PDF)

BeOS is a trademark of ACCESS CO., LTD.


Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Great news! Congrats :)

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Am I blind, or did the Haiku A3 news really disappear from osnews?

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Yes, that's strange. The comments are still accessable (http://www.osnews.com/comments/24864).

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3 .raw image file

Where is the .raw image? I cannot install to a usb drive unless I can mount the image file in haiku. Anyboot does not work, nor will an .iso image file. Can one mount the VM image file in Haiku?

I usually use a raw image file, mount it, then install from the image file to the usb stick giving me the whole 2gb usb stick to test the new version on.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3 .raw image file

No. the .vmdk image file does not mount in haiku either.

My solution:

launch qemu with both the anyboot and an old .raw image file , booting off of the anyboot image.

install to the .raw image after initializing it.
quit qemu.

mount the .raw image file

install from the .raw image file to my usb stick after initializing it.

boot in a 2gb install of haiku r1a3 on my usb stick. I vote for adding .war image files back to the download haiku page.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3 .raw image file

The anyboot is just a raw image with some magic tacked on at the beginning. To strip it of the magic, do the following:

dd if=haiku-r1alpha3-anyboot.image of=haiku-r1alpha3.image bs=1M skip=$(expr $(od -j 454 -N 4 -i -A n haiku-r1alpha3-anyboot.image) / 2048)
dd if=/dev/zero of=haiku-r1alpha3.image bs=1 seek=506 count=4 conv=notrunc

Viola, you should now have a raw image. Thanks to mmlr who taught me this.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Congrats to the devs. Nice release, works excellent on my Dell Latitude E6500. Thanks!

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Congratulations Developers - Long wait... but well worth it.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

After creating a Haiku booting USB stick I managed to install this R1a3 onto a Medion Akoya E1212 netbook. In contrast to this an attempt to install first from a Haiku CD via an external USB CD-ROM twice ended crashing.

Thank you all for this highly awaited release follower. It will generate a lot of motivation.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Awesome! Just when it looked like the project was about to fall into limbo, you pulled your socks up and gave us this! Thanks!

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Nice! I´ve made a donation too!

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Good news! :)

Unfortunately this version won't boot on my computer: kernel panic with "can't find boot partition". I tried the ISO image, and also disabled ACPI & DMA with no luck...

This has been happening since Haiku alpha 2. It worked with alpha 1.

Any idea ?

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

A bug report over at http://dev.haiku-os.org/ would be helpful.

Please read: http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/ReportingBugs
Especially the last section, the one about hardware issues.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Awesome achievement. Congratulations on the latest milestone of this impressive system!

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Doesn't boot for me on VAIO Z. Maybe we need a Bounty for Sony notebooks, especialy for VAIO P Handheld PC.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Congratulations. Alpha3 now boots on my i7 machine.

And here is a picture boys and girls Haiku Alpha3 Intel i7

Special thanks to Michael Lotz whose IO-APIC code I suspect made this possible.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

The release version of Haiku R1A3 runs on my Asus EeePC 1001PXD, but after the networking bug was resolved (as I was told in my ticket), there remains no way for me to actually get the updated network driver and/or an updated version of Haiku that has the updated driver, so my EeePC 1001PXD still remains unable to get online!

Until nightlies are re-enabled (or another route is provided), how can I get the solution to my problem?

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3


Nightlies are disabled for about 1 or 2 months to allow users to test out Alpha 3 and report bugs. They want to see what "bugs" affect a stable release versus nightly trunk build.

Only 2 solutions:
1) you wait 1 or 2 months for nightlies to return
2) you download source and build Haiku latest revision yourself

Either you wait for nightly to come back up or build Haiku yourself. Those are the only two choices you have.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Received my disk today :D

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

How to install this new release under Mac OS X within Parallels?
It is always freezing, when I try to do this from the ISO image.
Is there something very special to obey to perform an installation?

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 3

Octopus wrote:

How to install this new release under Mac OS X within Parallels?

I've seen some discussions about getting Haiku to run (well) in Parallels, and it seems to be a bit tricky. Another alternative is to use VirtualBox, in which Haiku runs very well. It is available in an open-source, free version.