Haikuware Donates $10,000 to Haiku!!!

News posted on Thu, 2011-07-07 20:30

That's right, you read that right. And no, today is not April 1st. Haikuware has donated Ten-Thousand Dollars to Haiku, Inc.

Haiku, Inc. gratefully values each and every dollar that is is donated. A contribution of this magnitude, well, it simply is astounding. In other words, thank you once again, Haikuware!

This financial contribution will be used to guarantee that funds for the first six months of Michael's contract are 100% secured. Additionally, it will provide a significant head start on being able to renew the contract for 6 more months.

Here's a breakdown of Haiku, Inc.'s finances. (The numbers are rounded for presentation)

  • $25,000 in available funds.
  • plus $4,000 from Google Summer of Code 2011
  • minus $3,000 for Ingo's contract
  • minus $16,500 for Michael's first 6 months
  • = $9,500 available cash, after the above transactions

In order to finance a second 6-month contract, $8,000 is the absolute rock-bottom, bare-bones, minimum that needs to be raised. However, raising another $10,000 will provide a small cushion to account for unexpected costs.

If need be, a specific fundraiser could be held halfway through Michael's first contract.

The gears are now in motion. Can you provide the traction to keep this moving forward?