A new development contractor!

News posted on Sun, 2012-05-20 16:03

Announcing development contracts is one of the best feelings. It is a time when a volunteer developer is given the opportunity to dedicate a large block of time for their hobby -- developing HAIKU! This is made possible through the countless donations from people like you, who love Haiku and are willing to give what is right for them, to make Haiku a better operating system. Thank you to all of our supporters, both public and anonymous!

This time, we are pleased to announce that Alexandre Deckner will be working on the WebKit port and, if time allows, WebPositive. You may remember "aldeck" primarily from his work on Tracker -- squashing bugs, rewriting sections for better performance and updating it to utilize the Layout API. As Alexandre states, "Good web support is something crucial for any operating system these days, it is for some users the main software they will use on a computer and one of the first things a new user will try on Haiku. To summarize, Haiku has to provide the best web experience possible and i believe i can help to go in that direction."

Alexandre's contract will be for 160 hours during one month for €2,000 EUR. The current exchange rate at Oanda.com (which is used by Haiku, Inc.) is about $2,554 USD. He expects most of the time will be used for bringing the WebKit port back up to date.

If you appreciate this contract and would like to see more, please consider supporting Haiku, Inc.. As always, Haiku, Inc. is eager to consider contracts that further Haiku, even for non-C/C++ tasks that help pave the way towards R1.