Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

News posted on Wed, 2012-11-14 15:45

Due to the immediate testing efforts of HAIKU Release 1 Alpha 4, several critical bugs were detected by testers and reported on our bug tracker. On several hardware configurations, those issues prevented Haiku from booting properly. Since then, those bugs have been squashed and are resolved in this bugfix update, R1 Alpha 4.1.

There are two general issues fixed by this point release:

  • Deskbar can freeze at boot-up on read-only media.
    Issue: Potential kernel level deadlocking issue in the network stack.
    Solution: The cause of the deadlock was found and corrected.
    Change: hrevr1alpha4-44701
  • Users can see a kernel crash at boot-up on read-only media.
    Issue: Normalization never occurring on module image paths due to a bug in the hash table.
    Solution: Hash table code was fixed preventing duplicate module images from loading.
    Change: hrevr1alpha4-44700

We have replaced the R1A4 files on the website with R1A4.1 files to ensure these issues are thoroughly corrected. The archives are named "haiku-r1alpha4.1-*" and the image files contained within retain the "haiku-r1alpha4*" nomenclature.

If you have already installed R1A4, we recommend updating to R1A4.1. Thank you all for testing and supporting Haiku!


Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Well I tried :)

A4 did not boot, I got the kernal panic. A4.1 boots, :) but after waiting for an install to finish for going on 2hours now and no end in site I have to give up waiting. Also, took aprox 10min from power on to get to the graphical "install", "Live Desktop" option. Anything involving reading from the CD is taking..way..way....way too long. Did not have this issue with A3.


Lenvo ideapad Z370

P.S. Does not seem to be a problem when booting/installing from USB.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Does that happen with the ISO or anyboot? and does it occur on both?

And if you can, please make sure the issue is reported on the bug tracker -- http://dev.haiku-os.org

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

I am going to suggest either you're dealing with flaky media, or a failing drive.

I can boot both the 4.1 ISO and Anyboot from a CD to a live desktop rather quickly on ~6 different machines (ISO is still faster BTW).

Just my .02 - could be something else entirely.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

"If you have already installed R1A4, we recommend updating to R1A4.1"

So the bugs at issue here deal only with crashes related to read-only media like cdroms? If that is the case then why should anyone *need* to reinstall via Alpha 4.1 if the Alpha 4.0 install went ok on their system and have seen no problems? Since once installed, Haiku boots from a read/write enabled OpenBFS, the aforementioned bugs *should* not present themselves since they are caused by the boot medium's inability to write to the filesystem.

Just trying to clear the air and prevent possibly unnessasary CD burning and re-installation.


Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

It has nothing to do with read-only vs read-write, the panic bug manifests itself because of differences in how booting off of a CD works (essentially it emulates booting off a floppy), which isn't the case when booting off a hard disk or USB stick. That having been said, if you already managed to successfully install, you indeed don't need to update, though the other fixed bug with regards to Deskbar hangs in conjunction with NetworkStatus can potentially still hit you in e.g. safe mode even on an installed system.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

To add to anevilyak's note: The bug that caused KDL during boot was actually an issue in the "khash" implementation which is used for other pieces of the system - the corner case that caused it to do the wrong thing may affect other areas, but none have been identified yet.

So, these two issues, while largely preventing many CD users from booting initially, could affect other potential problems once you have installed and use Haiku.

Anyhow, it's alpha - so no guarantees anyway, YMMV.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Ok, thanks for the heads-up! I will be upgrading to Haiku Alpha 4.1 soon. Thanks.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Is it possible to donate PC notebook and money for guaranteed work Haiku on particular hardware ?
I don't want just to donate, I want to be sure I will run on VAIO notebooks.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Just installed Alpha 4.1 (build 44702). I now cannot run the install-wifi-firmwares.sh because it runs straight into KDL.

I also had problems with radeon driver not starting backlight. It turns out to be intermittent. Sometimes I can see what's on the screen but many times the screen is black and I have to switch to VESA mode.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Please file tickets for the issues on Trac - preferably complete with listdev output and syslogs.


KDL when reading USB flashdrive

Does anyone know if the bugfix addressed any issues with reading USB flashdrives? Alpha 3 and an October 2012 post-Alpha3 nightly build read the drive fine, but a very recent pre-Alpha4 build and the first official Alpha4 release both go to kernel-debugging-land when trying to open the flashdrive after mounting it. The drive icon appears on the desktop, but double-clicking it ends up in KDL.
I can install the latest Alpha4 bugfix version to see, but it requires quite a bit of re-loading gigabytes of media, etc. for our radio station's Haiku computer, so I'm asking beforehand.
WJIH 95.9

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

If I order a Haiku CD from Haiku Inc., will that be a R1A4.0 or a R1A4.1 disc?

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

R1a4.1 will be shipped (even to those that made their order before r1a4.1 was released). Currently, an R1a4.1 disc is enroute for testing and QA purposes before all orders are processed. i expect that by the weekend of next week, the orders will be ready for processing.

Re: Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4.1

Probably something I have unknowingly changed but I used Alpha3 to check up on my gmail account using imap quite happily. I changed to Alpha4 then 4.1 to be able to use wpa2 wi-fi. I went to set up my e-mail prefs but the drop down box to choose pop3 or imap only seems to have pop3 now. Has the mail prog in R4 regressed to an earlier version? Or have I