Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

News posted on Sun, 2013-10-20 21:32

If there was ever an example of the saying "Money talks and ...", this is it. Since publishing the "HAIKU needs you!" article in late August, over $5,000 has been raised! This is from 110 individuals who made a combined 75 recurring monthly donations and 72 one-time donations. The yearly total is soaring over $20,000 with the help of 322 donors making 354 recurring and 322 one-time donations. Because of their efforts and generosity, we are able to finance another month of contractual development for both Adrien and Pawel! Thank you and congratulations to everyone who helped!

Both developers will continue working on their individual contracts -- Adrien Destugues (aka Pulkomandy) for WebPositive, WebKit and the Services Kit and Pawel Dziepak (aka pdziepak) for CPU scheduler and other CPU related features. Pawel's work is currently concentrated in a "scheduler" branch of Haiku on github Adrien's work is landing in Haiku's master branch, a "bnetapi" branch of WebKit on github, and Haikuports bitbucket repositories. An early build of HaikuLauncher, a barebones browser for testing the WebKit port, is available here

As you may know, package management has been merged into the main development line (the "master" branch) and are available in the normal nightly images at As with any large feature, ironing out all of the wrinkles takes time. There are several ways you can help:

  • file bugs on
  • contribute to Haikuports collection of build recipes
  • repackage and publish existing software as .hpkg's
  • engage in conversations on haiku mailing lists (for example the general list [haiku] or the development related questions [haiku-development])

In other news, another developer Julian Harnath (aka jua), has been doing some excellent work and recently received commit access. One example is fixing ticket #8007, which refactors the port subsystem locking and alleviates various freezing issues. He has started some improvements to MediaKit/MediaPlayer in another github branch, "media". Initially he plans general overall fixes to the MediaKit, the MediaPlayer filters and even some new filter nodes. Time will tell where he goes from ahere.

Lastly onto finances. At this moment, there's about $18,000 USD in funds. These are the immediate costs that will be paid off shortly:

  • €4000 EUR for Oliver's package management contracts, which are winding down.
  • €2000 EUR for Adrien's first month of contracting
  • €2000 EUR for Adrien's second month of contracting
  • $2500 USD for Pawel's first month of contracting
  • $2500 USD for Pawel's second month of contracting
  • $400 USD for Ohio Linux Fest
  • $100 USD for domain renewals

After those transactions, there will be $1200 USD at the end of November. $1000 of that is kept on reserve for unexpected costs. Do you:


Re: Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

Thanks everyone for making this possible !

I'm indeed watching isComputerOnFire() carefully with all those heavy WebKit compilations running.

Re: Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

Look at funny cat pictures -> what is this ? why add this URL?
Check is computer on fire -> what is this ? why add this URL?

Re: Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

You have 3 choices of URLs at the end of this link. Only one is right. Guess which one it is ?

isComputerOnFire() is a joke syscall in the BeOS and Haiku kernel. It's documented here: (at the bottom). The original purpose in very early BeOS days was to test syscalls returning integer and float values. But it was fun, made its way into the Be Book, and is still there after all these years.

Re: Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

Please note - $20,0000 vs $20,000.

Also, can you please provide us with a ballpark estimate - When will a next version come out?

For future fundraising, denotating a goal deadline release will probably help with funding from people looking for results.


Re: Good news everybody -- contracts and more!

The contracts and releases aren't synchronized. Haiku, Inc. handles the contracts, while the Haiku Project make the releases happen.

That being said, the current target is February 2014, but I have no idea if a release will actually happen. There are several people trying to switch the project into release mode, and it doesn't always work. The beta 1 release seems close, as you can see on the roadmap page: . However, the remaining issues are (as usual) the most complex and/or boring ones to solve.

There is also some items that are not visible on the dev website, for example the work that's happening at haikuports to grow the set of packages available in repositories when the release comes.