Haiku Slideshow

Welcome to our screenshot tour of the system. Click on the preview images to open the fullsize version (1152 x 720 pixel).

Screenshot of Boot Loader

After Haiku is installed on your hard disk, it boots up in only a few seconds. LiveCDs and USB sticks take a bit longer...

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Screenshot of ReadOnlyBootPrompt

When booting from CD you first choose a language and keymap, then decide to either install Haiku to a partition or try it out in live mode.

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Screenshot of Installer

Setting up a partition and the installation to harddisk or USB drive is quick and painless.

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Screenshot of Deskbar

The Deskbar is Haiku's version of Window's Taskbar. By default at the top right, you can move it to any corner or as a bar along the top or bottom of the screen.

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Screenshot of Locale

Haiku is multi-lingual, its interface has been translated to over 25 languages.

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Screenshot of vector icons

Haiku's vector icons scale beautifully.

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