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The Filter
The List
The Info Area
Tools and Show
Creating a User Account
Rating and Commenting


Deskbar :Applications
Localisation :/boot/system/apps/HaikuDepot
Réglages :~/config/settings/HaikuDepot/main_settings
~/config/cache/HaikuDepot/ - Cached icons, screenshots, descriptions etc.

HaikuDepot is the central application when it comes to managing your software packages. With it you can browse and search through package repositories and install, update and uninstall packages. By default, HaikuDepot starts up with a list of "Featured packages", software that's deemed interesting to many users.


As soon as you enter something in the Search terms box, the display changes to smaller icons and more information arranged in columns.

index Le filtre

Au dessus de la liste des paquets, on trouve des critères pour filtrer ceux visibles :

index La liste

Comme dans une fenêtre du Tracker, il est possible de choisir quels colonnes afficher avec un clic droit sur l’entête de la colonne. Un clic gauche trie la liste en fonction de la colonne. Bien sûr, il est possible de réorganiser les colonnes en les glissant vers une nouvelle position.

La colonne de statut d’un paquet peut avoir pour valeur :

Vous pouvez attraper la ligne en pointillé entre la liste des paquets et la zone d’information pour redimensionner verticalement la liste des paquets.

index La zone d'information

At the bottom is an area that displays information on the package that is currently selected in the list above it.
To the right of package name, author, rating and version is a button, that – depending on the current state of the package – lets you Install, Uninstall or Update it. If a package is already installed, you'll find an additional button there to Open the application.

Below are four tabs: About, Ratings, Changelog and Contents.

index Tools and Show

In the Tools menu at the top of the window, you'll find an item to Refresh repositories. This will request an up-to-date list of all available packages from the repositories. The other item is to Manage repositories.... It opens the Repositories preferences, to add/remove or disable and enable repositories.

Under Show you can deactivate Only featured packages. Now you'll always see all packages and not just the featured ones when HaikuDepot starts up or the search text field is empty.
Furthermore, you can choose to also Show Develop packages and Source packages in the packages list. For the normal user those are of no interest and would only clutter the list. They are important, however, for people who need the libraries, headers etc. of a package to develop and compile programs depending on them.

Of more interest are the options to only show Available packages and Installed packages, which are pretty self-explanatory.

index Créer un compte utilisateur

To be able to rate a package, you need a user account at the Haiku Depot Server that serves all the packages and keeps track of ratings and user comments. You can create an account within the HaikuDepot application by clicking on the menu in the far right of the menu bar that shows your current status: Not logged in. Choosing Log in... opens a window with two tabs; one to enter your user name and password (once you have those) to log in, and the other to create a new account:


To create an account you need to:

After logging in, the top-right menu of the HaikuDepot window will now say Logged in as (...), showing your user name. The menu now offers you to Switch account... or Log out.

index Noter et Commenter

After you've created a user account and are logged in, you can rate a package and leave a comment, if you want. Just hover the mouse over the rating stars in the info area of a package and they turn into a Rating... button. Click it to open the rating window:


Here you move the mouse over the stars to light them up and choose your rating, you can also choose from a number of levels to judge the stability of the application and pick the language of your optional comment. To make a comment meaningful, you should have worked with the application you're about to rate for a while to become familiar with its features, bugs and quirks. And don't write the next great American novel... keep it short, sweet and polite. :)
After you click Send the data is transmitted to the server. You may have to go to the Tools menu to Refresh repositories before you can see your changes.

At any time, you can come back and edit your comment and re-rate it. You can also hide your rating from other users by deactivating the checkbox Other users can see this rating.