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While a key philosophy of Haiku is to cut down on options and have sensible defaults instead, there are some things that have to be configured or can be set to individual preference. You find all panels in Deskbar's Preferences menu.

iconUtseende Configure certain aspects of the graphical interface.
iconBakgrunder Set a color or image as background of the Desktop or any other folder.
iconFormatÖversättare Settings for all supported file formats.
iconDeskbar Configure the Deskbar.
iconE-post Configure your email accounts.
iconFilTyper Add, remove and configure filetypes.
iconTangentUppsättning Set the mapping of your keyboard.
iconInput Configure input devices like keyboard, mouse, touchpad etc.
iconSpråk & Format Set your system language and formatting.
iconMedia Audio and video settings for in/output devices and the system's audio mixer.
iconNätverk Configure your network.
iconSkrivare Add, remove and configure printers. [still missing]
iconRepositories Manage software repositories.
iconSkärm Configure resolution, depth, refresh rate and number of used Workspaces.
iconSkärmsläckare Add, remove and configure a screen saver.
iconShortcuts Create your own shortcuts, e.g. to launch an application with a key combination. [still missing]
iconLjud Assign sounds to different system events.
iconTid Set time, date and timezone.
iconTracker Configure Haiku's file manager.
iconVirtuelltMinne Set the amount of swap space.