Notice: user account changes on

News posted on Mon, 2008-06-02 13:23

Q: I use on a regular basis. How will this influence my account details on

A: Your account details on will not be changed. You will keep the same username and password you always had, and you can continue to log in on with those. Only your login information for will change.

Q: I have never used, but I would like to in the future. Should I log in now with my current account details before the change on Monday?

A: No. Monday a new link will appear which will allow you to register a new account on You will be able to create a new account whenever it is necessary.

Q: I want to change my email address. Does this mean I have to do it in two places?

A: Yes. After Monday you will have to change your account details on both and

Q: I am sure I have once logged in on, but I did not receive a new password. Neither can I register a new account under my old user name. What now?

A: Please send an email to Niels Reedijk (login required) with your user name and a description of your problem.