Opportunity to Pay Axel to Code Haiku!

News posted on Wed, 2010-07-14 15:10

Axel plans to work on network related tasks. Some of the buzzwords include:

  • ICMP
  • WPA/WPA2
  • WLAN GUI tools
  • updating and improving FreeBSD drivers
  • testing network cards that people donated
  • optimizations

Now, here is where you can help and have a noticeable impact ...

This year, we have been taking a much more pro-active approach with using money to further Haiku and to support the Project. Migrating from a shared web host to a high quality dedicated server. Reimbursing conferences that did not receive funding in the past. Financing the development of WebPositive and the release coordination of R1 Alpha 2. All of this was made possible through generous financial contributions from users like you.

At this moment, our finances are tight. Especially after paying some upcoming expenses, which include Adrien's on-going contract, RMLL, SBC, FISL, and other smaller expenses. We would need to pay Axel directly from our financial reserves. Normally, we like to keep $5,000 as this provides a nice buffer for a rainy day so to speak. Sometime after September, the money from Google Summer of Code will arrive. But before then and without any donations for paying Axel, our balance would go below $3,500. That is a situation we want to avoid. But if need be, we will make it work. Even if it means crossing off other items in the future.

I know you enjoy using Haiku and want to see it shine. This is your chance to pay one of our top developers to write code for Haiku!

You donate. He codes. We all use Haiku.