Invitation to BeGeistert 024

News posted on Tue, 2011-10-11 16:24
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Dear Haiku developers and users!

We'd like to invite everyone to HSA's 24th BeGeistert, the largest Haiku conference around. On the weekend of October 29th/30th developers and users meet again in Düsseldorf's Youth Hostel to code and talk and see what's new in the Haiku world. A perfect opportunity to learn of others' projects or present your own.
Currently we plan to have these talks and workshops on the agenda:

  • Ingo Weinhold demonstrates the state of our package management.

  • Oliver Tappe leads the way from SVN to GIT for Haiku's source control.

  • Michael Lotz regales us with an account of the first weeks of his half-year Haiku contract and what's planned for the immediate future.

  • Stephan Aßmus reveals the in and out of layout management (if he makes it to BeGeistert He'll be there. Yay!).

  • Robert Stiehler shows off his project Voptop.

  • Matt Madia reports of his work for Haiku Inc.