GCI 2017 Wrap Up Report

News posted on Fri, 2018-02-02 00:13

Like all good things Google Code-In 2017 comes to an end, this year the program attracted over 3555 students in total for Google Code-In and out of those about ⅓ of the students claimed at least one task for Haiku, with 255 students completing at least one Haiku task. Haiku is also proud of its history of getting selected each year in Google’s Code-In.

Just like the other 24 organizations, Haiku picked winners out of the 10 students who completed the most tasks for Haiku, finalists and grand prize winners were picked collectively by the diligent team of Haiku’s 20+ mentors. The grand prize winners will be flown to Northern California to visit Google’s headquarters, enjoy a day of adventure in San Francisco, and meet one or two of their mentors and Google engineers.

Haiku’s Grand Prize Winners

  • Owen Pan from United States
  • Hiếu Đức Lê from Vietnam

Haiku’s Runner Up

  • Bach Nguyen

Haiku’s Finalists

  • Xiang Fan
  • Duong Dac

Rest of Haiku’s top ten finishers

  • Ng Young Shung
  • Damillora
  • Trần Thái Sơn
  • Max Levchuk
  • Mochammad Nur Afandi

Congratulations everyone! Safe travels, grand prize winners! We are thankful for your precious contributions and will be delighted see you continue to contribute even after the program.

To list some of the students’ achievements:

  • We had 221 students complete our “New to Haiku” task this year, this task introduced students to Haiku by having them install and do a series of 8 steps and then send a screenshot showing they completed the steps. This was more than twice the number of students who completed this task last year. Some of the students who did our beginner task also wrote up articles or made videos showing how to install and run Haiku on various virtual machines and onto USB drive to run it on real hardware.
  • Over 110 recipes were written and/or updated for HaikuPorts as compared to 90 last year..
  • Around 100 applications on HaikuArchives saw updates to code and/or their readme files..
  • Several articles were converted to markdown for the Haiku website..
  • More video tutorials were prepared.
  • A few students presented Haiku at their schools or other local groups.
  • Supplying icons, screenshots, and categories for packages in HaikuDepot.
  • and much more!

So congratulations and thanks to all our hardworking students and their mentors, and especially Scott McCreary who once again shouldered the responsibility of administrating Haiku’s GCI participation.

This article was originally published on digib0y’s blog and moved to the News section for posterity.