Haiku Admin Meeting Summaries - June 18, 2007 and June 26, 2007

Blog post by umccullough on Fri, 2007-07-06 02:04

Haiku Admin Meeting 2007-06-18:

  • Discussion about some "missing" articles on the new website - specifically old newsletters. Also desired is a way to make them easier to locate.
  • Mention of the continual "browser for Haiku" topic that pops up in the mailing list and elsewhere. An official decision should be discussed and published. It may be still too early to fully decide on a direction.
  • More discussion took place about a potential physical "admin gathering" in the near future.

Haiku Admin Meeting 2007-06-26:

  • Darkwyrm has been working on the WalterCon 2007 details including some content. Some ideas were discussed.
End of June 18, 2007 and June 26, 2007 meetings.
I would like to remind readers that any official discussion about the decisions made by the Haiku Admins should be directed to the General Mailing List. Any mistakes in this summary may be posted in the comments if desired or you may use my contact page.