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Screenshots are taken by either starting the Screenshot application or by pressing the PRINT key,


In the Screenshot panel you can toggle between taking the whole screen or just the active window and decide if the window border and mouse pointer should be included. You can also enter a delay before a screenshot is taken.

Below that you set the name, format and location for the screenshot that will be used when you click Save. Instead of saving the file to disk you can also decide to Copy to clipboard to be able to paste the shot directly into another application, or take a New screenshot.

All settings are remembered the next time you take a screenshot, enabling these convenient keyboard shortcuts:

PRINTTakes a screenshot with zero delay and launches the Screenshot panel.
SHIFT PRINTTakes a screenshot silently (without opening the panel), while still respecting the last used settings.
CTRL PRINTAlso takes a screenshot silently with the saved settings, but instead of saving it as a file, it's just copied to the clipboard.

index Tomar una captura de pantalla desde la Terminal

There's a special screenshot application to be used from Terminal or a script.
screenshot --help shows the familiar options as parameters:

~> Screenshot --help

Screenshot [OPTION]... Creates a bitmap of the current screen

  -o, --options         Show options window first
  -m, --mouse-pointer   Include the mouse pointer
  -b, --border          Include the window border
  -w, --window          Capture the active window instead of the entire screen
  -d, --delay=seconds   Take screenshot after specified delay [in seconds]
  -s, --silent          Saves the screenshot without showing the app window
                        overrides --options, saves to home folder as png

Note: OPTION -b, --border takes only effect when used with -w, --window