System Development

Project Areas Drivers Kernel/File systems Media Network User interface Drivers USB Support for FreeBSD network compatibility layer Haiku uses a FreeBSD network compatibility layer to support many network devices (ethernet and wireless) using drivers written for the FreeBSD project. This allows reusing network drivers with very little changes, considerably decreasing the effort needed to get good hardware support in Haiku. However, this layer only supports PCI devices, and doesn't work with USB ones.


Documentation is one of the most critical, but overlooked areas of open source devlopment. This is true in respects of both developer documentation and end user documentation, which are both needed to make a project viable. Documentation for Haiku is published via a number of means, depending on its intended purpose and spans various subjects. Check out the following areas where we need help our documentation: The Haiku User Guide The ​Haiku User Guide is intended to help new users navigate the operating system; point out areas where Haiku differs from other desktop operating systems and to provide tutorials (called 'workshops') to power users so that they can use more advanced features of the operating system.


Haiku cannot be a stable platform without people trying to find bugs in it and telling the developers. Testing is a very important job. Luckily, testers do not need specialized skills, such as the ability to write code, but they do come in handy. All that is needed is sufficient familiarity with computers to be able to install Haiku. The job merely entails seeing what works and what doesn’t under Haiku, particularly with existing BeOS applications.


A person with experience in graphic design has potential to be a very great help in ensuring that Haiku looks good and presents itself well to the public. The areas of design which a skilled hand is needed by an open source project are varied, but the style used needs to remain true to the over all branding of the project. Therefore there are a number of guides to help designers stay true to the over all Haiku theme.

Building Haiku on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

This was written by Sambuddha Basu or samgtr on IRC. The following was tested on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Requirements At least 3 GB of free space on your hard drive You will need the Xcode Tools: use the installer on your Mac OS X Install DVD, or download the latest version from Apple Developer Connection (free registration required) You must be logged in as administrator to install some tools MacPorts or Homebrew will also be required Follow the steps in order to build Haiku on Mac OS X.

Programming With Haiku

Lessons by DarkWyrm Since I started publishing my Learning to Program with Haiku lesson series back in January, I have, on many occasions, seen comments asking for lessons aimed at current codemonkeys who want to break into development for Haiku. Here begins a new series of programming lessons aimed at people who already have a basic grasp on C++: Programming with Haiku. While I have a basic outline for the series, it's very general and I'm not exactly sure how long the series will run.


For information about Haiku's participation in GSoC this year, please see this page. Qualifying students can apply for a Haiku project (see the list of suggested projects below) between March 16th and March 27st, 2015. For details about how to apply, please check out Students: How to Apply for a Haiku Idea. According to other mentor organizations, the most successful Google Summer of Code projects are the ones proposed by the students themselves.

Social Media

There are a number of ways you can keep up with news about Haiku and social media is one such way. Some social media accounts are official accounts as listed on this page, while others are recognized community groups which are run by the community - for the community. Official Accounts Official Twitter account Official Mastodon/GNUsocial account Official YouTube account Official Linkedin account Official OpenHub account Official Keybase Team

Capitole du libre - Haiku booth (1)

Adrien at our booth, from the ground.