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workspaces-icon_64.pngÇalışma Alanları

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~/config/settings/Workspaces_settings - Panelin pencere konumunu depolar.


You find the Workspaces applet with the other Desktop applets in the Deskbar. It shows a miniature version of all workspaces. There are several options available from the context menu of the applet's window, which are all pretty self-explaining.
Change workspace count… will open the Screen preferences where you set the number of workspaces and their arrangement (how many rows and columns).

Since the applet is a Replicant, you can resize the window as desired and then drag & drop it by its handle onto the desktop (make sure Show replicants is activated in the Deskbar menu). Hold SHIFT while resizing to keep your screen's aspect ratio.

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To move a window, you grab it in the Workspaces applet and simply drag it to another workspace. This has the advantage, that you can move it without leaving your current desktop. Of course, that only works well when there aren't too many windows in a workspace and your target isn't obscured by other windows. Another possibility is to grab a window by its tab and just holding on to it while switching workspaces with ALT Fx.

For more information on workspaces in general and more keyboard shortcuts, see topic Workspaces.

Try this: Make the Workspaces window really big and hide the window tab and border. Now go to the Shortcuts preferences and assign CTRL ^ to the Workspaces applet (/system/apps/Workspaces).
Now you can quickly summon the applet with a key combo and equally quickly dismiss it again with ESC.

index Ek işlevler

Çalışma Alanları gereci, bir pencereye tıklarken çeşitli değiştiren düğmelerin basılı tutulması durumunda birkaç ek işlev sunar:

CTRLPencereyi öne getirir.
CTRL SHIFTPencereyi simge durumuna küçültür.
OPTPencereyi arkaya gönderir.